EXTREME Waterproof Drone for Fishing - The EX-1

The all new Cuta Copter EX-1 has been unleashed and this beast is the Ultimate waterproof fishing drone. The EX-1 comes in two models, the 4S which has a payload capacity of 2kg and the powerful 6S model that can lift a massive 2.5kg!

Cuta Copter is the waterproof fishing drone pioneer and invests huge resources and time trying to perfect perfection. With over 5 years’ experience building the toughest fishing drone’s money can buy – you can rest assured your Drone fishing has never been so safe, reliable and fun.

IP67 Waterproof Rating
40 kph Wind Resistance​

Up to 50 kph Gusts

1500m Distance​

Geofence set to 500m​

Up to 2.5 Kg Payload
Waterproof bait release
Real-time Video​

Up to 1000m​

Multiple Safety Systems​
Multiple Flight Modes​
Digital Video Streaming​
Level 2 Flotation​

Pilot and people safety at the center of its design​


The EX-1 has the pilot and people safety at the centre of its’ design. How the EX-1 flies and regulates the pilot is an essential element in assisting with the overall protection of the asset. Platform reliability and stability is paramount, and this has been achieved by using advanced software enabling multiple safety features, in addition to the multiple hardware redundancies such as dual gyroscopes, dual accelerometers and dual compasses.


The New advanced PIXHAWK 4 GPS enables concurrent reception of up to 3 Global Navigation Satellite Systems ‘GNSS’ not just two such as GPS and GLONASS it deals with GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDouh – in layman’s terms – It Rocks! The GPS has as also been located to the highest point of the craft for the best satellite reception and maximum separation from other electronic parts in the craft to improve reliability and precise landings.

GPS Glitch protection

If your Cuta suffers a GPS glitch you will be notified verbally, and the Flight mode will automatically switch from Loiter or POS Hold mode to Altitude mode to avoid losing the drone – All pilots need to familiarize themselves with ALT Hold Mode.

Low Battery/Loss of Signal 'RTL'

If the battery is low or there is a loss of signal the flight controller automatically enables the return to home function and disables the remotes controls so the pilot cannot inadvertently force the craft to continue flying.

Performance Flight Controller​

The EX-1 features the Pixhawk 4 mini, one of the most advanced flight controllers on the market. The Pixhawk 4 mini features a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® M7, 216 MHz Processor with 2mb flash memory and 512kb RAM. Breaking that down into layman’s terms – It Rocks. The shear speed data is processed results in supreme flight stability, and this is especially noticeable when carrying baits in high winds. In addition to the onboard magnetometer and barometer, it has not one, but two gyroscopes and two accelerometers – Feel assured of ultra-reliability as redundancy is built in.

Landing detection​

The new landing detect feature will shut off the motors as soon as the drone detects a landing.

Automatic activation of this safety system is enabled once the drone reaches a flying height of 20 meters.

Distance and Altitude Geofence​

Distance is set to 500 metres and 40 metres for altitude (these parameters can be adjusted.(For Advanced Users)


Self-protect function deploys the bait release when there is a loss of signal, loss of thrust and when the low battery return to land function is enabled. These self protect safety features reduce risk greatly.


The main bait-drop flying mode, (POS.HOLD) has more controlled de-acceleration to assist in limiting the degree to which a pendulum motion can occur with the bait. This allows for shorter leaders to be used with safety.


Multiple flight modes​

Advanced Flight Modes
• Alt/Hold mode
• POS/Hold mode
• Loiter Mode
• Follow me mode
• Return to Land mode
• Boat landing mode
• GPS Waypoint mission planning
• GPS positions saved


Drone Fishing Release​

The EX-1 utilizes a waterproof servo–sling drone fishing release system, which has been tried and tested for many years on the earlier Matrix and Revo models. This heavy duty and somewhat basic waterproof bait release will provide years of service. The EX-1 also comes with the snapper tension clip which is awesome for trawling baits and lures, and can be used permanently for that added protection against line snag or reel bind.

Fixed Digital Reef Spotting Camera​

Cuta Copter EX-1 is fitted with a High Definition 720P Digital reef Spotting Camera, providing real time digital video streaming of distances up to 1000m directly to your Android mobile or tablet. Fishing drones in the real world would rarely be required to drop baits out past 500 meters, especially using drones to carry weight out beyond this distance and CASA legal distance is line of sight.

New Safety Features​

Safe and More enjoyable flights

How the drone flies and regulates the pilot is an essential element in assisting with the protection of your asset and lives around the user.

Flight time safety​

Low power return​

Increased RTL speed​

Powerful GPS​

Thrust Loss Detection​

(Bait Drop)

Flight time safety​

Landing detect​

Audible and Visual warnings​

Self-protect RTL - loss of signal​

(Bait Drop)

Self-protect RTL - low battery​

(Bait Drop)

Anti-pendulum feature​

Low voltage monitoring​

Return to land - low battery​

Worldwide Magnetic Data base​

Return to land - loss of signal​

Magnetic Interference detection and auto adjustment​


Performance Overview​

The Best Drone for Fishing

The EX-1 is the Ultimate Fishing Drone – No bull dust ,this is the Master and if you think we a joking just check out the list of specs!

Double Water Proofing​

In total there are 3 air chambers. Main electronics chamber, Battery bay and camera pod. Each chamber has a water-tight seal. In addition, the ‘ESC’s’ Electronic Speed Controllers are sealed in Di-Electric resin.

High Rated Wind Capability​

Cuta-Copter EX-1 can handle wind speeds up to 40 km/h and wind gusts up to 50 km/h or Beaufort Force level 6.​

Multiple flight modes

GPS, ATTI, POS/HOLD, RTL, Return to land low battery and loss of signal, Self-protect - loss of signal and low battery.​

Quick Switch​

The installed quick switch limits the need to open the battery bay between bait drops. The craft is quickly switched on and off using the supplied bridge switch.

Double Flotation​

The 3 air chambers provide level 1 flotation. The Cuta-Copter EX-1 is also filled with laser cut foam buoyancy - level 2 of flotation. The landing feet also provide additional floats.

New Servo Release​

A new waterproof servo is standard and can be used in the harshest of marine environments.​

New Weatherproof 10ch Radio​

The new long-range radio is supplied with sand/water covers over the gimbals to protect against sand and dust. The low mounted switches also protect against damage

720P Digital Camera​

The EX-1 is equipped standard with a 720P digital camera which has a real time video transmission of over 1000M. Geofence is set to 500M, so the live video is easily visible on your phone or tablet.

Multiple Safety Features​

Self protect feature enables bait to be deployed on Low battery RTL, Loss of signal RTL and loss of thrust. Return to land function on Loss off signal and low battery. Magnetic interference detection and auto adjustment, Verbal warnings and much more.


The New advanced PIXHAWK 4 GPS enables concurrent reception of up to 3 Global Navigation Satellite Systems ‘GNSS’ not just two such as GPS and GLONASS it deals with GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDouh

Performance Flight Controller​

Pixhawk4 mini FC comes with 2 x gyro's and 2 x accelerometers providing multiple redundancies. Fitted with a blisteringly fast 32 BIT Cortex M7 processor, 2MB memory and 512 RAM, the pixhawk 4 mini crunches data almost instantaneously - resulting in incredible flight stability under all types of conditions.​

Distance And Altitude Geofence​

Distance is set to 500 metres and 40 metres for altitude (these parameters can be adusted). Geofence parameters are set to these parameters to enable Low battery Return to Land 'RTL' function with reserve in case of strong winds.​Any adjustment to these parameters are at the risk of the user.


Advanced APP Functions

Cuta Copter EX-1 uses the advanced SkyDroid Ground Station App providing incredible flexibility and functions.​

Battery Level, Satellite count​

Airspeed, Ground Speed, Vertical Speed display ​

Drone Flight Direction Indicator​

Map Display​

Mission Planning​

Airspeed, Ground Speed, Vertical Speed display ​


Fishing spot saving​

Wireless Accelerometer Calibration​

Tap to Arm motors​

Tap to Launch ​

Tap to RETURN to Home​

Right time display ​

Voice prompts and WARNINGS​

Boat Landing mode (Come to Me)​

Follow me mode​

Black Box Flight data recording​

RTL Speed Adjust ​

Return Speed Cruise Control (LOIT MODE), User Adjust ​

Auto Landing - Landing Speed Adjust ​

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